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The Genealogy of the SORREL Family of Dauphine, France Since A.D. 1403

Compiled by Frederic Louis Huidekoper, 1928

Call number: C S71.S69 1930: Microfilm 89/5361 (c) located at Library of Congress, Washington, DC,
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Some information taken from a short sketch of the “Life of Francis Sorrel of Savannah, GA” and his family tree down to the year 1892, written by his daughter, Aminata Sorrel MacKall.

        I.      Pierre Sorrel, (“Petrus Surelli”) who died after 1403, at Polie’nas, Province of Dauphine’, France

     II.      Antoine Sorrel, who was living at Polie’nas about 1420

   III.      Pierre Sorrel, who was living at Polie’nas in 1453

  IV.      (First name unknown, but probably Antoine or Claude) Sorrel, who was alive about the year 1500

     V.      Pierre Sorrel, who was living at Polie’nas in 1528

  VI.      Claude Sorrel, who was living at Polie’nas in 1559

VII.      Georges Sorrel, who was living at Polie’nas in 1610 and 1612

VIII.      Claude Sorrel, born at Polie’nas about 1616; died at Polie’nas between 1663 and 1665, married (place unknown) about 1645 to Anne Rabot, born at l’Albene, Dauphine’, 8 Dec, 1626; died at Polie’nas, Dauphine’, 14 Feb 1718

Five children, of whom the second child and second son was:

  IX.      Pierre Sorrel, baptized at Polie’nas, 6 Jan, 1648; died at Polie’nas, 13 Sep, 1716; married at Polie’nas, 16 Feb, 1671 to Louise Baffard, born at Grenoble, Dauphine’, 18 Sep 1651; died at Polie’nas, 14 Apr 1687

Eight children of whom the third child and second son was:

     X.      Francois Sorrel, born at l’Albene, Dauphine’, 3 mar, 1675; died at Polie’nas, Dauphine, 9 Dec 1737; married at Grenoble, Dauphine, 6 October, 1699 to Marquerite Dherbe, born at Grenoble, Dauphine’, 3 Jan 1675; died at Polie’nas, Dauphine’ 1 Aug, 1751

Twelve children, of whom the third child, and eldest son was:

  XI.      Antoine Sorrel, born at Grenoble, Dauphine’, 19 May 1703; died at Grenoble, 3 Jan 1783; married secondly at Grenoble, 24 May 1734 to Francoise Bertet, bron at Goncelin, Dauphine’, about 1714; died at Grenoble, 2 Sep 1749

Nine children, of whom the third child and third son was:

XII.      Antonine-Francois Sorrel, born at Grenoble, 6 Nov 1737; died at Attakapas, Saint Mary’s Parish, Louisiana, 9 May 1830; married secondly, at Port-au-Prince, Saint Domingo, in 1792, to Eugenie de Sutre’, or de Sutro, born unknown; died at “Miraqoane”, Parish of Petit Goave, Saint-Domingo, 23 Sep, 1793

One child, named:

XIII.      Mathurin-Francois Sorrel, born at “Miraqoane”, Parish of Petit Goave, Saint-Domingo, 4 May 1793; died at Savannah, GA, 5 May 1870.  He changed his name to Francis Sorrel; married secondly, at Washinton, DC., 1 Oct 1829 to Matilda Aminta Douglass Moxley, born at Westmoreland County, VA, 27 Feb 1806; died at Savannah, GA 27 Mar 1860

Eight children, of whom the eldest was:

XIV.      Lucinda (or Lucy) Ireland Sorrel, born at Savannah, GA 28 Jan 1831; died at Washington, District of Columbia, 3 Jul 1903; married at the residence of Francis Sorrel at Savannah, GA, 1 Jun 1858 to Daniel Steward Elliott, born at Sunbury, GA, 20 Nov 1826; died at Savannah, GA, 3 Aug 1861.

The end of the SORREL line!